How to Build an Auction Site With WordPress Step by Step

Sellers need to pay $0.35 for an item in case they publish more than 50 products per month. We practice both ways in our projects and provide integration with such commonly used payment gateways a PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize. And further on you’ll learn what features to include in your requirements and what technical solution to choose. No, we don’t mean spoken languages, but types of auction mechanisms. Look at the scheme below and let’s talk about what types of auctions exist and how they differ.

  • Custom web development is essential for creating a website like eBay and it will offer you the best solutions to make your online auction business successful.
  • MVP will also allow you to incorporate feedback received from the customers.
  • They play a significant role in helping consumers make informed decisions by providing them with firsthand experiences and opinions shared by other users.
  • Competing contractors submit their highly detailed offers (tenders) under tight deadlines, and a system then manages them and selects the best ones.
  • On the other hand, exclusive or dedicated web hosting is an internet hosting option in which a physical server (or servers) is dedicated to a single business customer.
  • Check out our successful projects to learn more about our expertise in the niche.
  • To increase safety on eBay, each bidder gets a code name that is only displayed throughout the bid history for an item to hide the real user details from others.

You can manage as many users as you want and give them restricted or unrestricted access to the auction manager. Print Bid Sheets, Catalogs and more – All the information regarding your non-profit charity auction is right at your fingertips. BiddingOwl Java Developer Roles & Responsibilities BMC Software Blogs will help you print auction bid sheets, auction catalogs and more – all with a push of a button. An auction website should have state of the art security features to safeguard the business-critical financial and transactional data it stores.

Google Domains Review ( – Best Option For Registration?

Code&Care created the online bidding solution with three user roles (seller, distributor, buyer) and an admin panel for each of them. We added an opportunity to create listings, download video content, and create descriptions for sellers. The development team realized from scratch bidding and buying functions for buyers. Most of the time such websites are developed due to a hobby or as a way to pass time. Some sites turn out to be good and useful and become a business. However, there are many problems to which an auction site is a perfect solution.

how to create auction website

Adobe Commerce (Magento) and Shopify are among the popular ones and will make for a good choice for mid-sized and enterprise businesses. We recommend choosing cloud hosting as business teams increasingly need to work remotely nowadays and don’t want to have business data scattered across different locations. Smaller retailers may not even need to build their own online presence and better go to create a web store on established and reputed auction marketplaces.

Accounts & Billing

While the plugin itself is affordable at $49 per year, upgrading to the required Dokan Pro costs $249 per year. If you’re serious about your business, the investment may be worth it. But if you don’t need WooCommerce or a multi-vendor platform, WP Auctions is a more cost-effective option. When researching auction plugins, we took into account some important factors.

  • Depending on your project’s scope and complexity, you’ll need different numbers of developers and QA engineers to achieve your goals and meet production deadlines.
  • Online bidding systems can also provide unique features normally impossible at an auction house, such as automatic bidding and bidding on multiple items simultaneously.
  • Share all the gathered documents and technical requirements with developers so that they can offer a tech stack proposal.
  • ” – this field makes the auction a pop up window instead of its own page within WordPress.

Whether your supporters prefer to use their smartphone or their laptops to participate in your auction, make it convenient for everyone to bid on the device of their choice. When you’re creating your auction website, make sure you have a section dedicated to answering these frequently asked questions. Feature it on your website in a prominent place so everyone can find it and make sure to keep all rules and instructions clear and concise to minimize misunderstandings.

The costs of bidding system development

There are auctions held for various items like shoes, watches, antique items, NFTs, etc. Auctions are pretty famous in the market because people like to bid for rare items and possess them. At Codica, we always build unique and high-quality custom marketplaces following the best practices, industry standards, and implementing the mentioned-above features by default. These features will allow you to offer users a solution they will definitely enjoy. We did our best to draw a rough estimate of an auction like eBay.

  • The use of a ready-made solution limits you not only in the functionality of the future website but also in achieving your business goals.
  • To change this you need to make your WooCommerce platform a multi-vendor marketplace.
  • The off-site integration redirects the user to the payment method website, while the API integration has the option to pay the goods on your website with software integration.
  • It will help you execute the auction website development process without hassles.

You may promote your website for free on social media, e-commerce marketplace, or email advertising. Social media advertising takes time and may not lead to fast consumer registrations. In order to create a website like eBay, you need to use wider promotional options like paid advertisements. Different services may give up to 5 different types of certificates. Content development is free if you decide to do everything on your own.


WordPress is a popular general-purpose CMS that can also be used to create your own auction site. This solution is suitable for you if you are a representative of a small business and are going to administer it yourself. For your website visitors to be able to pay for the items they have purchased without leaving it, you also need to enable a payment gateway. In our blog, you can also learn how to create your own payment gateway.

Multiple payment gateways offer more ways for a buyer to complete his payment. A buyer should be able to complete his sale in three simple steps. An auction website should feature a well-defined bidding mechanism, through which the buyers can place bids and see other users’ bids.

Know the Bid Clock

☑️PayPal Fees
– as a frequently used payment method on eBay, vendors are charged 2.9% on the total deal value and an amount of $0.30 fee per transaction. It is inevitable that online auctions have captured the interest of many internet users that’s why entrepreneurs and start-up businesses have begun developing sites similar to eBay. Let us see whether it is worthy to create your own auction site and if it can be possible to garner the same success as eBay. This is where your team’s experience in custom web development really starts to pay off.

how to create auction website